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The second printing of Emily Jayne and the Kairos Codex is happening now, and it is accompanied by a few changes!

Yesterday afternoon, we put the last copy of the first printing (100 books) of Emily Jayne and the Kairos Codex (EMJKC) in the mail to a customer in Kanata, ON. Congratulations to the author, our independent bookstore partners and the Seven Stars Over team for this initial milestone. And a huge thank you to our customers (including friends and family) for your interest in this novel!

We have made some changes to the body of EMJKC for the second printing. First, the author corrected a small number of typographical errors pointed out by the readers. Second, the author changed the gender-neutral and gender-inclusive pronouns used for Emily Jayne’s Kabdhilinan friends and her Thuban enemies. For the first printing of this novel, the author used the set of neopronouns that include xe, xem and xyr. For this second printing, he opted to use the more common gender neutral pronouns that include they, them and theirs. The neopronouns may be the way of the future, but they didn’t feel right at this time for the group of people that the author consulted with.

The third change is with the company we are using to print and bind the books for us. First Choice Books and Victoria Bindery did a great job with the first printing, but in the spirit of science and experimenting with multiple companies, we chose IngramSpark and their print-on-demand company Lightning Source for this second printing. There are a number of Lightning Source locations, and for authors in Canada, they print their books in Canada (Etobicoke, ON). An advantage with IngramSpark is that their titles are automatically made available to tens of thousands of bookstores and libraries, and to affiliates, this has the potential to be a significant component of the book distribution process. For those people interested in using IngramSpark for print on demand and distribution may be interested in the article “IngramSpark Review & Guide: A Close Look at IngramSpark vs KDP“.

We reviewed the paperback version of EMJKC from IngramSpark/Lightning Source. They look great, and starting today, it is this version we will be selling on the Seven Stars Over Publishing Ltd. website.