About us

We are a small independent publishing company and online book store located in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

At Seven Stars Over, we are interested in publishing well-crafted fiction (both genre and non-genre/literary) which builds on one or more of the following pillars: Canadian authors; Canadian settings; Strong and smart female lead characters; Lead characters who are interested, studying and/or working in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) fields; Girls in STEM; and/or Diverse main characters. We are also interested in publishing poetry and non-fiction. Our current focus is on publishing Emily Jayne and the Kairos Codex, the first book in the Fellowship of the Timeless series, by J.A. Secker.

Why consider Seven Stars Over?

  • We maximise the profit for the author.
  • We support print and eBook formats.
  • You benefit from direct sales from our Seven Stars Over WordPress/WooCommerce platform.
  • We provide assistance when you set up your author’s website.
  • We give you a large degree of control in the publication process.
  • We have quick turn-around time for review and publication (we aim for four months), but we will take the time to do it right when we are faced with new challenges.

Note that we are not taking new submissions at this time.

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