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Emily Jayne and the Kairos Codex: Book I in the Fellowship of the Timeless Series

Emily Jayne and the Kairos Codex is about children, friendship and adventure. It’s about dogs, and the special connection that can exist between people and the canines they love. It’s about neurodivergent kids, those children who don’t fit in with the ‘normal’ kids at school, and it’s about diversity. It’s about a love for and connection with math, astronomy, space and the universe, and a longing to know more and to find life elsewhere.


Eleven-year-old Emily Jayne (EmJ) Hutchings knows aliens exist. She’s as certain about that as she is about the Fibonacci series and the digits of pi. Her best friend and adopted cousin, Sarah, is an alien camouflaged as a human. 

EmJ is surrounded by mysteries: her dog Rex is much smarter than any dog should be; her friend Samuel vanishes without a trace from the schoolyard; and Sarah’s planet of origin is unknown. But Sarah is sick and needs help from her own kind. Can EmJ and Rex find Samuel? Will EmJ be able to find Sarah’s people before it’s too late? 

EmJ and Sarah invent and build an interstellar communicator and send a coded invitation towards the star Epsilon Eridani. Two weeks later, Cindy, a friendly 11-year-old alien appears in EmJ’s backyard. EmJ hopes that Cindy and the scientists from her planet can help track down Sarah’s species.

The three friends and Rex are ready for an epic adventure. But bad luck comes in threes. They’re abducted by time travelling aliens. They discover that they’re at the centre of an interstellar war. And EmJ only makes things worse when she steals a crucial artifact from the enemy.

The Kairos Codex. It’s from the future. It commands their capture. The fate of worlds hangs in the balance.

Emily Jayne and the Kairos Codex is a middle-grade speculative science-fiction novel set in a Milky Way galaxy that is filled with intelligent extraterrestrial life. It has strong and smart female characters in lead roles, who like science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

This book (paperback and eBook formats) is available from Seven Stars Over Publishing Ltd. in Ottawa, Canada.

Emily Jayne and the Symbolic Symbionts: Book II in the Fellowship of the Timeless Series

This novel is in progress. No spoilers here, but expect good things!

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