Mission to Mars (Teen Astronauts, #3) by Eric Walters (New)


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A Teen Astronauts novel.

Genres: Science fiction, middle grade.

Teen astronaut Houston Williams is now the pilot on a mission to Mars. Houston Williams was thrilled to win a scholarship to attend a space program at NASA. What he didn’t realize was that organizers were recruiting people for a top-secret research project aimed at studying how space travel affects people of different ages. After months spent on the International Space Station conducting a variety of experiments, Houston is surprised to learn that he and his two friends Ashley and Teal have been chosen to join a highly political mission to Mars. But after tragedy strikes, the teens are forced to continue the mission on their own.

Mission to Mars (Teen Astronauts, #3) by Eric Walters (goodreads)

Published 2023 by Orca Book Publishers.

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